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Our Services

Consultancy Services

Our different packages offers various combination of our publishing, editorial, marketing and sales services for a truly  customised experience. You can choose the package that best suits your goals.

Marketing Services

Publication Consultancy position your products to appeal to your target customers and implement campaigns to expand awareness grow subscriptions. Our blended and customizable programes will help you globalize your audience navigate your target market and increase your sales.

Sales Services 

The landscape for subscription sales is changing all the time. Publication Consultancy sales force can create ongoing relationships with key decision makers. Our locally based sales staff can tap new revenue streams by developing a sales plan to meet your objectives, conduct prospecting activities, visit decision makers, negotiate terms, secure sales and manage orders.
Editorial Services

Publication Consultancy provides editorial services with aim to produce a high quality book. Our editorial strateic research on content and competition enhance your manuscript or discover new content and develop expert guidance to help you understand and implement the results with focus on maintaining your creative control.

Design Services

Designing books is all that matters. Our designers create attractive, individually crafted covers that will compliment your book. We also understand that interior layouts are just as important as exterior designs. We pay meticulous attention to all elements. Our design services includes-Cover Design, Interior Design, Typesetting, Art Creation, E-book Conversion.

Production Services

We provides production consultancy services to use the best book printing method for your project, to control production timelines and maintain the highest quality standards. Our services designed to answer our author nees from file conversions to revision till printing.

Training Services

Publication consultancy have been providing training services to librarians, intermediaries and publisher regarding latest trends in books and e-books.

The training course was formed to improve knowledge and understanding of the behaviour of authors, customers and endusers. Whether they are just starting their scholarly publishing careers or have already clocked up a few publishing miles.
The course helps delegates understand the complexities of industry and keep them up-to date with developments in the fast moving area of technology.