Transforming the Writing World
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About Us

Publication Consultancy is the provider of consultancy services to Publishers, Authors or Corporates, Academic Institutiona, NGO’s, Art Galleries, Consulates, Creative Writer, Artists, All kinds of Designers, Photgraphers and any Individual to amalgamate creativity and content.

We provides range of services- marketing/editing/design/production/ e-book designed to move your content forward in the digital era, combining all print and electronic solutions. We help publisher and intermediaries to create new products, migrate business models, remain competitive and refocus their effort on key strategic goals. 

We use our own resources and also work with other specialist content management, online community and technology partners to provide the best effective, innovative and interactive solutions to meet today’s writing world.

We have intuitively understand aspirations of our clients and have consisttently offered valuable, appropriate advice and delivered effectively technical solutions.We work on your behalf for the creation of attractive, transactional, interactive and managed work to achieve the practical results.

Publication Consultancy’s provide One Step Solution which can help publishers , authors and Institutions in any stage of book publishing & distribution process take their work from conception to trade.